Holiday Management For Great Teams

Simple, easier management of holiday leave.

For Your Team

Delight Employees with an easier way to book annual leave, and help to schedule company time more efficiently.

Cost Effective

Stop wasting administrative time with painful spreadsheets. Manage your teams holidays more effectively.

Scalable and Adaptable

Whatever size your team, we've unlimited seats for one single payment per month.

Easy to Use

Deckchair is built from the ground up to be simple and easy to use for all users.


Quickly Find Out Who's Off When.

Whether you are on the move or in the office, Deckchair tells you at a glance who's missing from your team.

Make Team Absences Transparent

Let your entire team see who is currently off, whether they are on vacation, or having a period of sickness.

More Organised Holiday Leave Planning

Finding it hard to remember who is off right now? Or when your team members are next due a holiday? Let Deckchair handle your organisation.

Save On Administrative Costs

Spreadsheets take time, and are error prone. Avoid quibbles over days which haven't been recorded, and save on the administrative overhead of holiday leave spreadsheets.

Boost Staff Morale

Let your staff know that you place importance on them taking their allocated holidays. With Deckchair you are showing an active interest in their wellbeing by actively encourage them to take their annual leave.

Simple, straightforward and effective.

Perfectly suited to productive teams, Deckchair ensures that you know exactly when you need a break, when you're going to be short staffed, and makes planning operations that bit simpler. All wrapped in an elegant, beautiful design that works across platforms and devices.

One Simple Price. Always.



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Deckchair Holiday Management
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