10 Popular Hashtags for HR Businesses

Twitter is a fantastic medium for hr professionals. Whilst LinkedIn is an obvious social network of choice for many HR people involved in sourcing, it is a much more informal way to both collaborate with other businesses and and indeed connect with customers.

With that in mind, it’s important that your message reaches the right audience, and the humble hashtag has never been a more effective way to achieve that goal.

We’ve collected and collated some of the most widely used hashtags for HR professionals that can accompany your updates. Using these strategically will definitely help you reach a more target audience.



an obvious starter for ten this is the most often used hashtag for the industry, however it covers broadly the many disciplines and facets of the profession.

#recruiting | #jobs

for those involved in sourcing people, these are two widely used hashtags attached to job adverts. We recommend adding location to these if you do use them, as both hashtags are used globally which can be too broad a reach.


If you run a software as a service business targetted to the HR industry this is the hashtag to use.


A more generalised hashtag for the use concerning the use of technology within human resource businesses.


Talent Culture Chat – Wednesdays, 1-2 pm ET. Each week, hundreds of professionals from across Twitter engage in an intense live discussion about a selected workplace hot topic.


An obvious one, but content related to the social media field for HR professionals


A hashtag that popped up some time during the recession, this was used both by candidates and recruiters in Ireland specifically to find work. It’s usage has since spread to be more global.


Internet radio @drivethruHR channel. Useful for connecting with anyone connected with the show.


Used primarily for sharing articles which are in any way connected to the HR industry (like this one!)


Performance I Create, a popular HR blog typically use this in the promotion of their own and other’s blog articles.

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