Feature Release – Calendar Integration

Many busy offices use calendars to keep a track of who’s in the office, so we knew that one of the most useful features within the product to keep a track of holiday leave, would be complete integration with Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook.  You can now see at a glance, without logging in, the people who have taken holiday leave recently.

It’s super simple to get setup, just select Settings > Configure Calendar Integrations, making sure that you’ve got your timezone specified, and we’ll give you a link that you can use within outlook or Google Calendar directly.


If you are on Mac, you should be able to just click on the Team Calendar button, and Deckchair will download a file that iCal can recognise and pick up automatically. Outlook by default should do the same. If you are on using a web-based calendar should as Google calendar.  copy the link by clicking on it, and follow the instructions below.

Google Calendar:

Login to your Google Calendar, then click the Add link on the bottom left column and select Add by URL

Paste the address you copied into the URL field in Google Calendar.  Click Add to import the holiday calendar.


It’s that simple. Your team calendar is then available whenever you access your calendar, without you needing to login to Deckchair.

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