LinkedIn Out Loud Adds Some Comedy Genius to Profile Descriptions

If you are one of the 364 million members that LinkedIn claimed at the start of the first quarter of 2015, you’ve undoubtably witnessed a fair amount of imagination stretching profile descriptions.

You’ve probably giggled quietly to yourself at the blatant lies and BS buzzwords that people use to make themselves sound professional.

Exposing these fraudsters in the most hilarious way, are comedy duo Joseph and Joseph Productions bring the laughable lies of the LinkedIn world to life.  They’ve cherry-picked real quotations from the CV website’s millions of profile summaries and invited actors to read them out loud.

All featured profiles can be found here:

The duo spent two years compiling the most egregious examples of LinkedIn BS as field research for this terrifyingly true masterpiece comedy project, and it’s a fantastic example of what not to put on your CV.

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